back masseuse 6 jets
back masseuse six jets with water shooting out
back masseuse system 2 jets
back masseuse system jet

Shiatsu-Style Relief

Millions of people suffer every day from back pain. In fact, back pain is the second most common reason people in the U. S. visit the doctor each year. Hydro Systems’ Back Masseuse System is designed to heighten the therapeutic effects of hydrotherapy, by reducing that nagging sensation and promoting increased flexibility.

Our manual system allows you to control water flow to the whirlpool system or the Back Masseuse, and additionally allows the blending of both options. Utilizing six strategically located jets, our electrically controlled system enables you to set a “shiatsu” type massage that automatically turns the jets on and off to manipulate the tensed muscles up and down the length of your back.

A Lush Combination

For a truly lavish experience, bathers can outfit their dual-facing tub with a Masseuse System on either end. Additionally, depending on the size of your bathtub, both features can be installed on the rear wall for targeted simultaneous back and neck relief.