Regenerative Benefits of Hydro Soak Therapy

With the chaotic pace we maintain daily, relaxation is key to keeping one’s life in balance. As a respite from the hustle and bustle of the every day, a long soak in hot water recalibrates the mind, body and senses. Soaking provides a haven from mental and physical stressors, regenerates your mood and outlook, and helps prepare you for the day or night ahead.

Designed to Keep You Soaking Comfortably

Simple and easy to install, Hydro Fusion is a pump and heating system all in one. Virtually undetectable to the human eye, and barely felt to the human touch when operating – the minimal Hydro Fusion propulsion jet disguises the powerful circulation system that it provides.

No Adding Water, No Interruptions

Tubs outfitted with Hydro Fusion system are intuitive and able to maintain your selected temperature keeping your bathwater exactly where you want it. The totally silent unit maintains the ideal temperature without constantly having to add hot water, keeping you soaking comfortably in your Hydro Systems tub longer without any disruption.

How does it work?

Hydro Fusion automatically senses the presence of water in the tub and activates a standby mode, which allows the system to maintain a programmed water temperature. This intuitive low voltage circulation heater is designed to operate with virtually no water movement and is operated with one touch of the sensor. Best of all, Hydro Fusion can be added to any drop-in or alcove, soaking, thermal air, or whirlpool tub, ensuring you can get away, regenerate and recondition your spirit.