HS Remote Control

Convenient Control of Your Bathing Experience

Adding a remote control to your bathtub purchase can make turning on and off your system that much easier, eliminating the need to exit your bathtub when you want to turn any of your systems on or off.

Workable on any Hydro Systems bathtub outfitted with a system, the remote control gives you the ability to control your Whirlpool, Thermal Air, Back Masseuse, Chromatherapy, Hydro Fusion, or Hydro Indulge.

The remote control capability is especially valuable for all freestanding HydroLuxe SS™ bathtubs, which cannot have a soft-touch control panel added onto the tub. Traditional control pads must be remotely mounted on all freestanding HydroLuxe SS™ bathtubs.

*Remote control can only be programmed to operate 2 pump systems on a bathtub (i.e. Whirlpool, Indulge, Fusion)