Standard Studio Jet

The standard builder jet is a directional jet that has the added benefits of volume control, thus allowing you to increase or decrease the pressure of the massage in different directions

Standard Adjustable/Driectional Designer Jet

This is Hydro Systems standard whirlpool jet. It is directionally adjustable by moving the nozzle. The pressure is adjusted by rotating the jet from full flow to completely off.

Swirling Adjustable Designer Jet

This popular upgrade provides a swirling, pulsating flow of water. Just like the Standard Adjustable/Directional Designer jet, the pressure is adjustable by easily rotating the jet face.

Jumbo Jet

This optional, extra large therapeutic jet was adapted from the outdoor spa industry. This jet produces a higher water flow volume, with less velocity. It is fully adjustable, with directional and volume controls, providing a great option for a whirlpool system.

Jumbo Rotating jet

This extra large spinning therapeutic jet was also adapted from the outdoor spa industry. Similar in operation to the Swirling Designer Jet, this jet affords a rotational, pulsating action.

Micro Therapy Jet

This jet’s unique size allows it to be placed in areas of the tub where a traditional jet will not fit. Many customers opt for these jets near armrests as hand, wrist or lower arm jets for carpal tunnel syndrome relief. This jet is volume controllable.

back masseuse system jet

Back Masseuse System Jet

These jets are available with the Back Masseuse System 1 and are installed in a series of 6 jets operated by a single volume control. A pulsation massage is created by the swirling action of these jets, providing greater relief than a single jet.

back masseuse system 2 jets

Back Masseuse System 2 Jet

These jets are available with the Back Masseuse System 2 and are controlled by an electronic keypad. This 6 jet series offers direct flow onto your back. The electronic keypad directs the jets to operate in a Shiatsu pattern utilizing only two jets at a time, as well as the speed of transition from one pair of jets to another.