Close your eyes, lean back and feel the warmth of the Hydro Blanket that emanates through the acrylic tub surface. By integrating radiant heat panels into the structure of your bathtub the result is a seamless improvement in your overall bathing experience. To best satisfy our full array of models and personalize your experience, we offer multi-zone heat allowing you to pick from 2-5 heat zones on your bath. Your bath, your desired session, your design… simply improved.

When ordering with a freestanding tub, please be aware the control box is mounted under the tub for shipping purpose ONLY. Because of the low voltage  ON/OFF control switch that is hard wired to the control box(per UL standards) this will allow the box to be installed no more than 2 feet from bathtub. This control box can be installed between floor joist directly below the bath or another suitable location within 2 feet from the tub. If this is not possible please reconsider or contact our technical department at for assistance.