Indulge is a highly innovative bathing therapy that infuses water with millions of micro sized, oxygen rich molecules that helps cleanse, heal and restore skin, and help relax mind and body for the ultimate luxury bath experience!

Indulge micro bubble system promotes relaxation by stimulating your skin in a “massage” effect, which has been known to improve sleep and leave your body feeling warm long after exiting the bath.

Using your Indulge micro bubble system 20 minutes a day will help to make your skin look and feel younger, improve collagen production, and help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The Indulge micro bubble system maintains your water temperature through the exothermic reaction of the millions of bubbles exploding all around you.

Indulge “Sauna” effect helps to improve your body’s circulation which helps to dislodge unwanted toxins and bring more oxygen and nutrients to your skin leaving it healthy and moisturized.