Relax, Luxuriate & Indulge

What is Hydro Indulge?

Indulge is a highly innovative bathing therapy that infuses your bathwater with a concentrated dose of oxygen, as millions of micro-sized, oxygen-rich molecules work overtime to cleanse, heal, and restore your skin.

Minute in size and mighty in benefits, these molecules combine via the revolutionary single jet Indulge system. Using proprietary technology, air and water are combined to create a dense white cloud of micro bubbles within the bath water.

What is special about a micro bubble?

Micro bubbles are 10 microns in diameter, making them smaller than the pores on your skin. This allows the micro bubbles to dive in, exfoliate and cleanse all skin pore impurities while removing bacteria that can cause undesirable effects like itchy skin or body odor. Once deeply cleaned, your skin is primed to absorb the oxygen it craves, encouraging the release of toxins and boosting the skin cells’ metabolic health and growth.

Can Indulge Help Your Mood?

The Indulge micro bubble system allows for the exothermic reaction of millions of bubbles exploding all around you. The therapeutic effect of this process works by increasing your serotonin level and promoting a feeling of wellbeing and calmness, setting the foundation for you to achieve a deeper night’s sleep.

Indulge promotes relaxation by stimulating your skin via a “massage” effect, which has been known to improve restfulness and leave your body feeling warm long after exiting the bath.

Can Indulge Help You Look Younger?

Supple, smooth, rejuvenated and radiant – these are the hallmarks of skin indulged with oxygen. The Indulge system cleanses, hydrates, revitalizes and tightens your skin. Using your Indulge system 20 minutes a day helps to stimulate the production of collagen, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and imbues your skin with newfound moisturized elasticity. These benefits are the result of the concentrated blast of oxygen that results in younger, healthier looking skin.

I suffer from a skin condition. Can Indulge help me?

For those who suffer from dry skin, eczema, psoriasis or itchyosis, our Indulge system will, without any additives, clean and relieve parched, irritated skin by cleansing, exfoliating and rehydrating its surface. Hydro Indulge is the answer to providing relief through a non-invasive solution.

The Indulge micro bubble system also eliminates unhealthy infection-causing bacterium such as Legionella and Aeruginos, leaving you with the peace of mind of bathing in clean, uncompromised bathwater.

The Indulge “Sauna” effect improves circulation, which helps to dislodge unwanted toxins from your body and bring more oxygen and nutrients to your skin, leaving it healthy and moisturized.

A must add for all Hydro Systems drop-in bathtubs, the benefits of the Indulge system are manifold: helping you to look younger, improve your mood, and even manage or rid you of certain skin disorders.