3 Major Health Benefits of Taking Baths

It used to be that people made time for the little things, and they seemed happier. Taking walks during the day and literally smelling the roses, eating dinners with the whole family gathered at the table sans cell phones and tablets, and taking nice warm baths. Nowadays treadmills have taken the place of the great outdoors, TV dinners or fast food have removed our need for placemats, and standing only showers occupy all of the bathrooms in our homes.

This leaves one to wonder, were there any benefits to the “old” way or was the lack of advanced technology the only reason people did those things? What if we told you that there are, in fact, health benefits to doing things like taking a warm bath? Would that surprise you? It shouldn’t. The Turks, Romans and Greeks get it. The health benefits of water, steam and cleansing have been some of the benefits that these groups receive from their traditional bathing – and we at Hydro think it’s high time we joined in on the fun.


Probably the most obvious of all the benefits, a warm to hot bath has been known to help sooth aching muscles and minor pains. “The heat in your bath increases the temperature of aching muscles, blocking pain sensors and producing pain relief.”

Did you know, however, that athletes have been known to take cold baths in order to lower the levels of lactic acid in their bloodstream? This actually aids in their physical performance. Whichever fits your needs, it is clear there is a theme here – baths help your muscles.



There are countless health benefits for getting a good night’s sleep. Benefits like mental performance, immune system strength, and an increased metabolism are just a few. The New York Times has dedicated multiple articles to getting a good night’s rest (see links below).

What if we told you that a warm bath at night could help make all of these benefits a reality? It’s simple really. While bathing, your body temperature will decrease and start to produce a hormone named melatonin. This hormone, among other things, helps to induce sleep. Ultimately, your decrease in body temperature can last for 6-7 hours – talk about a good night’s rest!



Let’s not forget the mental benefits of bathing. It’s commonplace to envisage a warm bath and a glass of wine while in the midst of a stressful day. Well, we are here to tell you that this is a logical daydream. In fact, English studies show that a warm bath at the end of the day improved the optimism and mood of bathers. Reasons for these improvements range from body positioning, comfort, and isolation. Whatever the reason, we are just elated to know, for a fact, that there is a possible solution for the Monday blues!


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The Hydro Systems, Inc. Interior Design Scholarship Contest: Hosted by FIDM, LA

For the first time, Hydro Systems, Inc. has partnered with the FIDM, LA Interior Design Department to host the Hydro Systems, Inc. Interior Design Scholarship Competition. This partnership involved working with the graduating class of FIDM’s Interior Design Department and granting them access to all Hydro Products in order to help them create dynamic designs for their final residential and commercial design projects. Each student utilized floor plans from Level Furnished Living in downtown Los Angeles, and from those floor plans developed well-rounded designs based on historic decorative art styles such as: Vintage, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Zen, Scandinavian, Industrial and more. Judging the presentations were executives from Hydro Systems, Inc., the owners of L2 Interior Designs and the Business Manager of Level Furnished Living.

We are so pleased to announce the winners of the scholarship competition and to show you their winning designs!

**For a full layout of the winner’s portfolios and details on the Hydro products that they used, please follow the links provided

The First Place winner was Katrina Dutra seamlessly integrated the characteristics of “California Vintage” style while maintaining an air of sophistication. Her ability to think beyond the obvious and elevate her designs to a point of luxury won her the first place prize.

Residential Theme: California Vintage

Hydro Systems Products Used: Andrea Freestanding Tub ; Prism Sink 

Commercial Theme: Modern Vintage

Hydro Systems Products Used: Prism Sink


In Second Place was Haleigh Pritchett, Haleigh went beyond simply matching color patterns and textiles from her theme and included furnishings that supported the cultural aspects of Moorish/ Moroccan living. Her attention to detail and expert digital skills won her the second place prize.

Residential Layout #1 Theme: Moroccan

Hydro Systems Products Used: Andrea Freestanding Tub ; Block 25 Sink

Residential Layout #2 Theme: Modern

Hydro Systems Products Used: Alamo Freestanding Tub ; Square Shower Pan ; Block 25 Sink ; Universal Shower Pan 


The Third Place award was given to Kate Killgore for her multi themed design. Kate designed multiple spaces all with drastically different themes and yet managed to maintain the individual integrity and traits of each decorative style.

Residential Layout #1 Theme: Art Nouveau

Hydro Systems Products Used: Liberty Freestanding Tub ; Block 25 Sink

Residential Layout #2 Theme: Scandinavian Modern

Hydro Systems Products Used: Gateway Freestanding Tub ; Ellipse Sink

Commercial Layout Theme: Neo-Classic

Hydro Systems Products Used: Casey Freestanding Tub ; Ellipse Sink


The Fourth Place prize went to Gabriella Falk based on her imaginative designs that included both the “French” design style and the “Art Noveau” theme. Ultimately, it was Gabriella’s willingness to push boundaries and design norms that won her the final prize of the evening.

Residential Layout #1 Theme: French

Hydro Systems Products Used: Donatello Freestanding Tub 

Residential Layout #2 Theme: Art Noveau

Hydro Systems Product Used: Picasso Freestanding Tub ; Arc Sink

The At-Home Spa Experience

Trust us, we recognize the functionality and beauty of a stand-alone shower, but there is something to be said about a bathtub and all that it provides. Can’t you just imagine it, having the opportunity to shut the world out and recline into a perfectly heated (98 degrees F) cocoon of luxury surrounded by candles and the sweet tantalizing vocals of Maxwell (or Yo-Yo Ma if that’s your thing) playing softly in the background. After a long hard day of “adulting”, there is almost nothing that can compare.

So, for all of the oh-so-lucky bathtub owners out there, here are some of the best bath salt/ bath enhancement recipes that are sure to add value to your “me” time with your bathtub.

What You Will Need

Mason Jar

Store your mixtures in glass jars in order to keep out moisture and preserve the aroma.


post 1

When you are ready to use your enhancement, transfer all solid ingredients into a cheesecloth (or muslin), seal off the top with a tie, and drop directly into the bath.

This will stop the salts from clogging pipes and jets.


De-Stress Bath Recipe

2 Cups sea salt

3 Drops Lavender essential oil

3 Drops Rosewood essential oil

Mix oils with sea salt and store in a decorative glass or screw top container. To use, simply add a handful to your cheesecloth and drop into your bath.  Be sure to use all-natural essential oils, not synthetic or perfume oils which may contain petroleum products and can be toxic.

De-Stress Bath Example

Detox Bath Recipe

1 Cup sea salt

2 Cups baking soda

1 Cup Epsom Salt

1 to 2 tablespoons glycerin per bath

Combine sea salt, baking soda and Epsom Salt in a bowl. Stir to blend. Add glycerin to keep your skin from drying out and essential oils of choice. Store in a glass or screw-top container. In order to avoid damage to your Whirlpool or Thermal Air system, make a small pouch out of muslin or cheesecloth and fill it with your recipe ingredients.

Detox Bath Example

Try these recipes and leave us a comment letting us know how they improved your life. We are pretty confident that they will. Happy Soaking!


*Using any of these recipes should be followed by an immediate flushing of your Whirlpool and/or Thermal Air System in order to avoid clogging or buildup.