Studio Collection Limited Warranty

This limited warranty is extended to the first user or the original retail purchaser for a period of sixty (60) months from purchase on shell and 1 year on air channel, electronics and plumbing. This limited warranty is not enforce-able by any other party. HYDRO SYSTEMS, INC. warrants that the system and/or bathtub is free from defects in the workmanship and/or materials. This limited warranty does not include any other items not manufactured by HYDRO SYSTEMS, INC. HYDRO SYSTEMS, INC. does not assume liability for the finish or the wearing quality of any plate product. No dealer or other person has any authority to make any warranties or representations concerning HYDRO SYSTEMS, INC. or it’s products. Accordingly, HYDRO SYSTEMS, INC. is not responsible for any such warranties or representations. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES.