The ability to be inspired is found within oneself and is ever present when we open ourselves to our surroundings. The METRO COLLECTION is a celebration of that inspiration. In our daily lives we may be to busy and may miss that special moment. The METRO COLLECTION allows us to take a moment, slow down and notice the beauty around us. This collection pays homage to national landmarks, incredible design and powerful architecture that we might otherwise miss. If you can find this awareness when you are rushed, imagine the inspiration achieved in the tranquility of your own home.

The METRO COLLECTION is about more than just offering the best designs in both form and function. It is about utilizing the finest materials to achieve our ultimate goal: exceeding your expectations. It’s creating the best design elements in the bath while utilizing the best materials available to achieve this goal. The culmination of this goal required us to create a material that could give us unlimited design creativity with superior strength, durability, stain resistance and a non-porous finish.