Introducing Our New Solid Surface Material: HydroLuxe SS™


HydroLuxe SS™ Features

  • Exquisitely crafted and fully customizable, HydroLuxe SS™answers the call for the ultimate in luxurious, natural bathing.
  • The Prolite composite system is packed with particles, which bolsters its bonding strength and durability throughout the manufacturing process
  • Bring your bespoke vision to life: each HydroLuxe SS™ bathtub is fully customizable in color and finish, for drop-in and freestanding models
  • The mineral’s naturally insulating properties keep the bathtub warmer longer
  • The perfected alchemy of HydroLuxe SS™provides added protection against surface scratches and stains
  • HydroLuxe SS™ include the Metro Collection, STON Collection, and Universal Shower Pans