The STON Collection reinvents the bathing experience with exquisitely hand-crafted bathtubs made from the earth’s rich natural elements. We have crafted this luxurious range of seamless ergonomic art with the latest in eco-friendly technology. Using our remarkable blend of fine natural minerals and the best in engineered composites, this hybrid material is liquefied and then molded into the ultimate natural bathtub. This  process ensures a bathtub that is completely solid throughout, with the incredibly durable foundation of natural rock.

In this collection, you will see the freestanding and drop-in systems inspired by the natural beauty of these stones, crafted in a range of styles to complement any bathroom style be it classic, contemporary, or somewhere between. These baths are infused with a UV-rated, marine grade finish that allows us to create them in virtually any color imaginable. Additionally, you can choose between a gloss or matte finish to coordinate any design palette.

Relaxing in a STON model means coming back down to earth in a bathtub literally made from the earth; a gem of individual luxury and style.