A Green Company

Green is clean (and always has been)! “Green,” “ECO friendly” and other such slogans, tied to a logo with a leaf or other print in a green color, are the latest in politically correct marketing. Just as “Y2K compatible” was big at the turn of the millennium, any opportunity for a company to jump on board with the latest and greatest catch phrase or marketing trend is embellished.

At HYDRO SYSTEMS, today’s environment and tomorrow’s future are not catch phrases or marketing opportunities, but rather commitments and part of a corporate governance that has been promoted and advanced over the past 30 years.

“We were doing what was right for the environment years before it was in the mainstream. It is second nature to HYDRO SYSTEMS” says Scott Steinhardt, President of HYDRO SYSTEMS. “Whereas I applaud the fact that it is now ‘politically correct’ to take care of the environment and do what is right, we have been doing it for years and not for the accolades. We do it because it is right and makes sense.”

Core Operations

HYDRO SYSTEMS core operations include the following aspects:

Voluntary Corrugated and Pallet Recycling – This has been an on-going program for years with local vendors. This reuses the products, where applicable, as well as eliminating any landfill usage or secondary recycling efforts.

By-product Material Recycling – Whenever possible, any by-product from the manufacturing process is collected and recycled when appropriate to do so. Aggressive positioning in the past has helped to create many of the current recycling programs available today.

10,000 Square Foot Environmental Facility – HYDRO SYSTEMS FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) department is contained within a 100% climate and environmentally controlled facility at our main 125,000 sq ft plant. All air in the department is filtered and run through a state-of-the-art containment and regeneration system that captures and catalyzes any VOCs or airborne particles. Operating at a 97% or greater efficiency (whereas the stringent standard only calls for an 85% efficiency), HYDRO SYSTEMS environmental system is one of, if not the best, in the world.

Roof Mounted Solar Panels – HYDRO SYSTEMS roof mounted 450 kW solar grid collects enough of the sun’s rays to offset all of the power required to manufacture all of its products. For all intents and purposes, HYDRO SYSTEMS is off the grid! A solar project the size of the configuration of HYDRO SYSTEMS’ requires a tremendous commitment of capital funds and may not make sense from an accounting or financial “return on investment” time frame. As it is clearly evident, HYDRO SYSTEMS’ commitment to the environment goes farther and deeper than profits and return on investment: it is an investment in the future of our community and the return on such an endeavor is not measured in dollars: it is measured in sense!

Innovative Manufacturing Solutions – HYDRO SYSTEMS utilizes the industry’s most advanced air filtration system. This has been proven to eliminate 99% of our emissions before it is discharged into the atmosphere. Not only do we look out for our customers, but we look out for our neighbors too.

Using Nature’s Cleaning System – Not only our manufacturing process utilizes green energy, the products we make utilize green technology as well! At HYDRO SYSTEMS, every Designer tub comes standard with HydrOzone, which not only provides a bathing experience like bathing in bottled water, but also eliminates the need for many cleaning chemicals, keeping such elements out of the waste water supply.

Minimizing Our Footprint – For years we have participated in voluntary community recycling programs and make every effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

Green Packaging – In being such a green organization, our packaging now reflects our commitment to the environment. Our packaging now has green colored identification to further emphasize our continual awareness of the environment and represents our commitment to tomorrow’s future.