A Green Company: Early Adopters, Frequent Adapters

While “green” or “eco-friendly” may be buzzwords to some, it is business as usual to Hydro Systems and has been since day one. We take pride in our dedication and transparency, which extends to how we power our facility, craft our products, package and transport them. This extends from the roof-mounted solar panels at our 100,000 square foot environmental warehouse in Valencia, CA which collect enough energy to offset all the power used during manufacturing, to utilizing the industry’s most advanced air filtration system. This solution has been proven to eliminate 100% of our emissions before it is discharged into the atmosphere.

“Our emphasis on today’s environment and tomorrow’s future is not a pandering catchphrase or marketing ploy,” explains Hydro Systems President Scott Steinhardt. “Throughout our history, Hydro Systems has consistently manufactured our products via responsible, green practices. And we don’t do it for the accolades. We do it because it’s what is right. Not only are we committed to our customers, but we’re also committed to the world we live in.”

Core Operations

The core operations of Hydro Systems involve the following sustainable practices:

Voluntary Corrugated and Pallet Recycling – This has been an ongoing program for years with local vendors. This reuses the products, where applicable, as well as eliminating any landfill usage or secondary recycling efforts.

By-product Material Recycling – Whenever possible and appropriate to do so, any by-product from the manufacturing process is collected and recycled. Aggressive positioning in the past has helped to create many of the current recycling programs available today.

100,000 Square Foot Climate & Environmentally Controlled Facility – Hydro Systems FRP (fiberglass reinforced polymer) department is contained within a 100% climate and environmentally controlled facility. All air in the department is filtered and run through a state-of-the-art containment and regeneration system that captures and catalyzes any VOCs or airborne particles. Operating at a 97% or greater efficiency (whereas the stringent standard only calls for an 85% efficiency), Hydro Systems’ environmental system is one of, if not the best, in the world.

Roof Mounted Solar Panels – We have optimized operations by outfitting our massive Valencia-based manufacturing plant with 450 kW roof-mounted solar panels. Financing such a massive solar project defines Hydro Systems’ commitment to the environment and investment in the future of our community. Not only does Hydro Systems’ roof-mounted array support an energy-efficient workflow, but we produce enough energy from our solar panels to offset all production power usage, resulting in a product literally made from the sun.

Innovative Manufacturing Solutions – Hydro Systems utilizes the industry’s most advanced air filtration system. This has been proven to eliminate 99% of our emissions before it is discharged into the atmosphere. Not only do we look out for our customers, but we look out for our neighbors as well.

Introducing Our Solid Surface Material: HydroLuxe SS™ – Representing the latest in eco-friendly performance, our range of seamless, handcrafted, solid-surface vessels is constructed from a blend of ground natural minerals and the best in man-made composites.

Nature’s Cleaning System – Hydro Systems proudly offers HydrOzone, which not only provides a bathing experience of unparalleled purity but also eliminates the need for many cleaning chemicals, keeping such harsh elements out of the waste water supply.

Minimizing Our Footprint – For years we have participated in voluntary community recycling programs and make every effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

Green Packaging – As an eco-minded organization, our packaging now has green colored identification to further emphasizes our continual awareness of the environment. When a customer receives a Hydro System product, they can be confident it was manufactured, packaged and transported with the least possible environmental impact.

Proudly Made in America – At Hydro Systems, we take pride in using only components made in North America that meet our exacting standards in material and craftsmanship. Also, servicing our customers nationwide via facilities on both ends of the U.S. serves to reduce our carbon footprint.