Service and Support

HYDRO SYSTEMS, founded in 1978, is based on the principle of providing high-quality whirlpool bathtubs at affordable prices. Our customer service and support is not an afterthought, but a way of life. Integrity and quality are built into each one of our bath systems as a foundation for long lasting products and customer satisfaction.

Quality and Choice

HYDRO SYSTEMS manufactures a full line of high quality bathtubs and accessories to suit the needs of all our customers. With our four unique and distinct product categories, Designer, Builder, Shower Pan and Lifestyle Series, we strive to provide the choices our customers deserve. From our factory in California we manufacture hundreds of bathing product options. As a result, we’re sure you’ll find a product designed to meet your unique requirements.

Attention to Detail

At HYDRO SYSTEMS, we take pride in using only components made in North America that meet our exacting standards in material and craftsmanship. We work hard at shopping for value so that you can be guaranteed a top-quality product at the best possible price. We pay close attention to detail, because detail makes the difference in producing a product that you’ll be satisfied with for years to come.

Customer Service

To further your satisfaction, Customer Service is the cornerstone of our business. From the first product inquiry, to placing an order, to receiving a shipment, your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our Service Department is experienced at handling even the most unique situation quickly and effectively. Rest assured, we stand behind our products with our exclusive HYDRO SYSTEMS Warranty.


Not only are we committed to our customers, but we are also committed to the world we live in. “Green” may be a new catch phrase to some, but it is business as usual to us. This dedication covers not only our manufacturing practices but also our product line. We look forward to helping you find the right solution that brings you years of relaxation and enjoyment.


The following provides an in-depth look at what makes HYDRO SYSTEMS bathtubs the best built, best backed, and best performing bathtubs on the market.


Quality of Acrylic Sheet and Fiberglass Reinforcement: HYDRO SYSTEMS uses only the highest quality acrylic. That quality combined with an extra thickness produces a superior product for our customers. Our exclusive resin and fiberglass structure combined with top quality acrylic make us leaders in heat reflectivity, structural integrity and dimensional stability.

Long-lasting, Beautiful Finishes

All HYDRO SYSTEMS tubs are made of durable, easy to clean acrylic that will never fade, stain, or lose its luster. Our long lasting, high gloss finish requires a minimal amount of care while providing both sound and temperature insulation. Choose from wide spectrum of colors that will make your bathing experience beautiful and relaxing.

The Support Platform

Our integrally encapsulated easy level support platform makes installation fast and easy.

The Rigid Pipe Construction

Our hygienically safe, self-draining whirlpool systems, constructed of 100% rigid PVC pipe, prevent bacterial growth due to mildew, algae and other germ-laden problems.

Custom Pump Locations

For your unique spacing requirements, we will custom locate the pump at no additional charge to you.

Custom Located, Adjustable, Volume Controllable Jets

Ensure the comfort of your tub by individually locating our fully adjustable, volume controllable jets at no additional charge.

Silent Air Controls and “Soft Touch” Electronic Control Panel

Silent air controls give you the peace and quiet you deserve while relaxing in our whirlpool system. HYDRO SYSTEMS “Soft Touch” Electronic Control Panel puts the controls right at your fingertips.

Standard Safety Features

Slip resistant bottoms and antivortex safety suction covers ensure safety for every member of your family. HydrOzone, standard on all thermal air systems and whirlpool systems, greatly aids in keeping the water clean and pristine, “like bathing in bottled water.” In addition, all tubs are manufactured in accordance with the appropriate IAPMO and UL requirements, where applicable.

The Warranty 99/9

HYDRO SYSTEMS 99/9 warranty provides the best coverage in the business. The tub and shell are covered for 99 years, with all major components covered by a 9 year limited warranty. We proudly back up our high quality products with a high quality warranty.

Short Lead Times

You’ve made your decision; you’ve selected your HYDRO SYSTEMS whirlpool tub. Now you want your whirlpool tub for immediate installation. Only at HYDRO SYSTEMS can you get Hydro Express. We will produce your custom whirlpool tub and ship it nationally in four (4) working days! Over 30 Options Available – To make your bathing experience truly personal, on most HYDRO SYSTEMS whirlpool tubs we provide the ability to create romance, relieve stress or provide soothing therapeutic relief. Shouldn’t your bath be as unique as you?