Service and Support

From 1978 to today, Hydro Systems has delivered on our promise to provide our customers with the most innovative, high-end bathing experiences at affordable prices. Hydro Systems builds integrity and quality into each of its bath systems, and firmly believes that Customer Service and Support must be the utmost priority when it comes to a product designed to alleviate the stresses of everyday life.


Quality and Choice

Hydro Systems proudly manufactures hundreds of high-quality bathtub and accessory options to suit the varied needs of all our customers. Whether your preference is a freestanding, drop-in or walk-in model, soaking or jetted, our deluxe product range is designed to help you achieve the ultimate in personal bathing satisfaction.

Attention to Detail

At Hydro Systems, we take pride in using only components made in North America that meet our exacting standards in material and craftsmanship. From initially manufacturing gel coat tubs to high-end acrylic, to creating our own blend of HydroLuxe SS – we have consistently stayed ahead of the curve when it comes to the most modern advances in bathtub technology.

Customer Service

We take our high production standards and quality control seriously, seeing it through with our peerless Customer Service. From the first product inquiry, to placing an order, to receiving a shipment, your satisfaction remains our number one priority. Our Service Department is experienced at handling even the most unique or unexpected situation quickly and effectively.


Devoted to the highest standard of excellence, Hydro Systems takes pride in having operated as a GREEN company since day one. Our transparency and dedication to the environment extends to how we run our facilities, to how we manufacture, package and transport our products.


Our insistence on quality has made Hydro Systems products the best-built, best-backed, best-performing bathtubs on the market. The following is an in-depth look at the superior Hydro Systems standard.

High-end Materials

Hydro Systems has always utilized the highest-quality materials and processes to construct our bathtubs, starting with deep lustrous acrylic sheets with fiberglass reinforcement. Lightweight and easy to install, acrylic remains a popular choice of material for its cost efficiency, durability and low maintenance. Our exclusive resin and fiberglass structure combined with superior quality acrylic make us leaders in heat reflectivity, structural integrity and dimensional stability.

Long-lasting, Beautiful Finishes

Acrylic is smooth and non-porous, creating a surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Not only providing a beautiful long-lasting luster, the acrylic with our layers of fiberglass backing boosts your bathtub’s performance by providing both sound and temperature insulation. Additionally, acrylic is a highly versatile option for your design needs, with an extensive spectrum of colors to choose from.

The Support Platform

Our integrally encapsulated easy level support platform makes installation seamless, fast and easy.

The Rigid Pipe Construction

Created with 100% rigid PVC pipe, our self-draining whirlpool system is constructed to be hygienically safe, preventing bacterial growth due to mildew or algae, along with other germ-laden problems.

Custom Pump Locations

For your unique spacing requirements, we will custom locate the pump at no additional charge to you.

Custom Located, Adjustable, Volume Controllable Jets

Ensure the comfort of your tub by individually locating our fully adjustable, volume controllable jets at no additional charge.

Silent Air Controls and “Soft Touch” Electronic Control Panel

Silent air controls give you the peace and quiet you deserve while relaxing in our whirlpool system. Both the Hydro Systems “Soft Touch” Electronic Control Panel and Remote Control Panel put the commands right at your fingertips – wet or dry, wherever they happen to be.

Standard Safety Features

Safety remains at the forefront of the Hydro Systems mission. Slip-resistant bottoms and anti-vortex safety suction covers ensure a safe bathing experience for every member of your family. All tubs are manufactured in accordance with the appropriate IAPMO and UL requirements, where applicable.

Market Leading Warranty

Rest assured, we stand behind the quality of our products. To prove our commitment and ensure your continued satisfaction with your purchase, each bathtub is backed by a corresponding best-in-its-class warranty. This includes the Hydro Systems 99/9 warranty, wherein the tub and shell are covered for 99 years, with all major components covered by a 9-year limited warranty.

Short Lead Times

You’ve made your decision; you’ve selected your Hydro Systems whirlpool tub. Now you want your whirlpool tub for immediate installation. Hydro Systems is happy to accommodate you via Hydro Express (when available), which means we will move your order up to the front of the line and get it manufactured quicker!