With the availability of seamed and seamless skirts, the opportunities and palette of ideas are endless. Peninsula, corner, free standing, Zen, corner with access panel: if you can think of the application we can build the tub.

Corner Skirt: To complete the exterior finish of our corner models, the single-piece molded panel option offers access to the system’s interior.  *Adds approximately 2″ to framing height dimension.

Seamed & Seamless Skirts: Seamless skirts are an option on any tub that can have a skirt. Choose a 1, 2, 3, or 4 sided skirt design to make your tub truly unique.

Floating Skirt: The Floating Skirt is designed to give your skirted tub a smaller footprint in the bath. Typically it is a 3″ inset that is 5-7″ tall. This does not increase the overall height of the skirted tub.

Zen Skirt: The Zen Skirt is a molded seamed skirt panel that will add to an endless amount of palette designs.