The USS Arizona Memorial in Honolulu, Hawaii is a majestic tribute to all those that lost their lives during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Designed by Honolulu architect Alfred Preis and accessible only by boat, the white bridge-like structure straddles the hull of the sunken USS Arizona battleship without touching it, allowing its millions of visitors to reflect on the significance of the wreckage below.

INSPIRATION | Understated and striking, the Pacific soaking tub is a study in architectural integrity. Taking inspiration from the peaks on both ends of the USS Arizona Memorial, the gradually inclined interior of the Pacific positions the bather in the optimal sitting position. Ergonomic engineering is matched with a timelessly appealing aesthetic, making the Pacific a perfect vessel to evoke moments of reflection and serenity.

Bath Sizes

Size Capacity Backrest Slope Material Spec Sheet Additional Files
63 x 33 x 2260 Gallons47°Hydroluxe Solid SurfaceVIEW


Product Type
Freestanding Bath Tub
Hydroluxe Solid Surface
Standard Colors
Biscuit, Bone, White
Premium Colors
Black, Graphite, Red
Faux Metallic: Galvanized, Faux Metallic: Weathered Nickel, Matte Finish, Metallic: Polished Nickel
10 Year Warranty
Included Features

Integral Overflow

Optional Features



Standard Colors

Premium Colors

Premium Features