The ingenious drop-in design of the Auburn bathtub nods to the architectural wonder of the Dam at Lake Clementine. Striking and memorable, Hydro Systems sought to echo the awe-inspiring qualities of nature as a place for both recreation and mediation. Whether you opt for the rectangular Guest Tub or the extra-generous Master model, the Auburn invites you to indulge in a state of pure relaxation. 

INSPIRATION | The North Fork Dam at Lake Clementine is located adjacent to the picturesque Northern California town of Auburn. Built in 1938 to contain the debris from upriver gold mining, the steep concrete walls of the dam rise up 155 feet above the foundation, creating the breathtaking sight of the river flowing over its top. Here the manmade structure harmonizes with nature, working together to create a stunning panorama of the cascading waterfall and the rainbows in its mist.

Bath Sizes

Size Capacity Backrest Slope Material Spec Sheet Additional Files
80 x 43 x 2028°Hydroluxe SSVIEW
80 x 66 x 2028°Hydroluxe SSVIEW


Product Type
Drop In Bath Tub
Hydroluxe SS
Drop In
Standard Colors
Almond, Biscuit, White
Premium Colors
Black, Carmine Red, Concrete Grey, Distant Blue, Grey Beige, Moss Green, Orange Brown, Pastel Violet, Purple Violet, Red Orange, Sapphire Blue, Signal Orange, Stone Grey, Tarpaulin Grey, Terra Brown
Matte Finish
Included Features

10 Year Warranty on Tub
1 Year Warranty on Drain

Optional Features

Thermal Air System
Recirculation System
Remote Control for Air System


Standard Colors

Premium Colors

Premium Features