2017 Interior Design Fall Trends

With Autumn fast approaching, we wanted to see what new ideas would be trending in interior design. Sprucing up your home just in time for the cold months just became a little easier. Using tools like, Pinterest, Houzz, and various magazines, these are the things we noticed designers were loving.


Things are going green this Fall. The varying tones and depths of this color can communicate so many different things to your guests, but the one thing a deep green will always say is luxury. Additionally, this style chair (velvet and tufted) are both major Fall trends of their own – consider including both of these styles in your upcoming Fall redecoration.


Woven textiles and accents can help bring a level of warmth and invitation to a room that is perfect for the fall. Finding wall accents and like disks to match with woven stools or woven throw pillows will help to tie in the look and possibly offset the hard lines of other furniture. Tip: offset the rough texture with a soft velvet or wool accessory.


It may seem obvious, but picking the right dark paint can be the difference between an inviting environment and a dungeon feel. Darker paints that are contrasted with lighter rooms (be it light colors or natural outside light) help to create calm moods and give a warmth to the cool months of fall. Tip: using neutral (or nature inspired) accents up against dark paints always helps to keep the room of choice feeling natural and comforting. Design by Teddy Edwards


Hailed as “the new copper”, brass is a beautiful finish that can be incorporated in various rooms and furniture pieces as an accent. Available as an accent on your very own Hydro Systems product, brass can elevate your bathroom design in a snap. Design by Drummonds Bathroom


No surprise here, disconnecting is becoming almost as important/ trendy as wi-fi passwords. Today’s environment almost requires some R&R from our ever-growing digital world. Capitalizing on this within your home is not only “on trend” but is also necessary for your mental health. Design by L2 Interiors using The Hydro Systems Newbury Tub and Ellipse Sink



No need to break the bank when it comes to making some updates and improvements. The increased availability in faux finishes is helping home owners and designers alike keep down costs without sacrificing the design. Examples of faux finishes include removable wallpaper, stick-on subway tiles or backsplashes, to faux wooden beams.


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