July 2022 Tub Talk


We are excited to announce that the 2022 Look Book is on its way! We expect it to hit showrooms this summer. We have included NEW tub images and additional sections highlighting color and tub options.


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How to create the perfect drawing, so it’s done right the first time.

Below are 3 drawing for left hand drain entry and long side access. This will help reduce, eliminate questions or the need to contact the dealer because access locations are clearly shown and it indicates the equipment goes beyond the tub frame and informing the contractors need to accommodate.

Drawing 1: A combo system with Hydro Fusion and all 3 pieces under the back slope. Note that the equipment will stick out up to 4” on each long side.

Drawing 2: A combo system with Hydro Fusion and blower laying on its side that will stick out roughly 5” beyond deck of tub.

Drawing 3: A standard combo that will require a 20”+ reach to access the blower.



Designer drop in/alcove and system is 4 weeks

Designer FS is 5-6 weeks

Metro and STON– 8-9 weeks. (COMING SOON! Reduced lead times on the Metro Collection)

Alamo 66 is approx. 10 weeks

Studio FS is 5-6 weeks

Studio and CS about 4-5 weeks depends on qty

Georgia now has Breanne Soakers in stock available for quick ship (48-72 hrs). Only available for 1-2 piece orders.
We are also putting Sydney 6030 & 6032 round overflow and linear in stock for quick ship. Only available for 1-2 piece orders.Any stocking orders can also be pushed out within 2 weeks right now.


Due to supply chain issues we have no choice but to temporarily halt the inclusion of a remote control with all Metro Thermal Air Systems. All Metro Thermal Air orders will ship with a standard keypad control that must be remotely installed. At this time we have no ETA on when we will get the proper keypad/remote controls back in stock to make that system work. We will keep you posted as soon as we have any additional updates.

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