Sometimes all a room needs to go from drab to dramatic is one bold stroke of color

Whether you are blending into an existing space or accenting your style with a knockout centerpiece, we’ve got the color for you. Acrylic is a highly versatile option for your design needs, with an extensive spectrum of colors to choose from.

For those seeking more versatility, every HydroLuxe SS™ bathtub is fully customizable in color and finish, for drop-in and freestanding models spanning the Metro Collection, the STON Collection, and Universal Shower Pans. Beyond our 16 rich and versatile in-stock colors, the ability to custom color-match anything means a palette limited only by your imagination. As the only manufacturer to offer color-matching, Hydro Systems enables you to realize your wildest design dreams and express your unique personality.

Taking your bathroom decor to the next level, HydroLuxe SS™ bathtubs can also be customized with a metallic polish, a matte treatment, or a two-tone finish to fit with any specific aesthetic. Metallic surfaces come in galvanized, weathered nickel, or polished nickel and are available on all Hydro Systems freestanding bathtubs.

Note: colors are accurate as printing/screen display will allow. Please consult your Sales Representative regarding exact colors prior to making your final purchase. Available colors vary depending on bathtub material.

aimee almond tub
aimee biscuit tub
aimee black tub
aimee bone tub
aimee cashmere tub
aimee ice tub grey
aimee - linen tub
aimee mexican tub
aimee white tub

Acrylic Colors

Hydroluxe SS Colors