Three-Tiered Neck Pain Relief

The Neck Masseuse is designed to alleviate tension in the body’s most vital passageway. The propulsion of water directed onto the neck area increases circulation, which relieves the uncomfortable and painful muscle tightening that comes from accumulated stress. Select the pulse level that best meets your needs: level one for subtle and sleepy, level two for attention-getting and soothing, and level three for intense and maximum stress relief.

Level 1
Subtle and Sleepy
Level 1
Attention-getting and Soothing
Level 1
Intense and Maximum Stress Relief

Two Unique Systems, Combined

For extra luxurious hydromassage, our dual-facing models can be outfitted with a Masseuse System on either end. Additionally, depending on the size of your bathtub, the Back Masseuse and Neck Masseuse Systems can both be installed on the rear wall for simultaneous targeted relief.