Introducing Our Solid Surface Material:

HydroLuxe SS™

At Hydro Systems, we continuously source the finest materials from which we create our products. Our relentless pursuit of perfection has led us to hone and test our processes to proudly introduce HydroLuxe SS™. Representing the latest in eco-friendly performance, this range of seamless, handcrafted solid surface vessels is constructed from a blend of ground natural minerals and the best in man-made composites. 

HydroLuxe SS™ Features:

  • Exquisitely crafted and fully customizable, HydroLuxe SS™ answers the call for the ultimate in luxurious, natural bathing.
  • The Prolite composite system is packed with particles, which bolsters its bonding strength and durability throughout the manufacturing process. This hybrid material undergoes the transformation from liquid to solid, resulting in a bathtub is 100% solid surface all the way through, with zero hollow or unfilled areas. 
  • The mineral’s naturally insulating properties keep the bathtub warmer longer.
  • The perfected alchemy of HydroLuxe SS™ provides added protection against surface scratches and stains. The non- porous material naturally acts as a deterrent for bacteria, mold and mildew, giving you added confidence when it comes to cleanliness. 
  • Bring your bespoke vision to life: each HydroLuxe SS™ bathtub is fully customizable in color and finish, for drop-in and freestanding models spanning the Metro Collection, the STON Collection, and Universal Shower Pans. We offer 16 rich and versatile in-stock colors to get you started on bringing your wildest design dreams to life.