Seamless Built-in Protection


First and foremost, the value of integral waste & overflow comes with establishing a proper overflow-safe drainage pipeline for your bathtub. An integral overflow is an overflow where an opening is cut along the interior of the bathtub that is tied into the drain waste. In the event the water is left running, this system diverts excess water between the walls and sends it back down the tub drain.


If plumbing and installation is not a priority early on, it will cost you down the line. Much like a standard waste and overflow, an integral W&O reduces possible leak points and keeps your bathwater from overflowing, giving you peace of mind that your bathroom – and wallet – will be protected from damage.


Choosing integral waste & overflow makes the installation of an external overflow pipe and sanitary-t unnecessary, making for a quicker, easier install and saving you in labor costs. Since the overflow channel is built into the bathtub’s inner wall, it will never need to be accessed for servicing. You can even mount a tub filler directly over the overflow for a timeless, low-profile look. The behind-the-scenes nature of this mechanism is a perfect option for those not wanting exposed piping, and why integral W&Os are quickly becoming a trend for modern bathroom design.


Designer Options

Hydro Systems offers two styles of integral W&Os – round and linear. Both options are available for our range of freestanding, drop-in, corner and alcove tubs, and come in a wide selection of finishes.



The round integral waste and overflow cover is the default style for our Designer collection freestanding bathtubs, as it pairs perfectly with classical aesthetics. You can also upgrade to this option for all Designer, STON, and Studio Collection drop-in, corner, and alcove tubs.


Standard on all Metro and Studio Collection freestanding tubs. Not only does the linear drain option give your bathtub a sleek look, this minimal slit adds an extra inch to your tub’s depth. It is no wonder the linear option is growing in popularity, allowing you to soak even deeper into the warmth of your tub without increasing the overall height.