We Are Bringing You an Upgraded Customer Service Experience

Thank you for your continuing support to Hydro Systems. In our ongoing commitment to you we are always trying to upgrade and advance our quality and service. While bringing Duane DeHass on board as our Director of Manufacturing in Georgia will continue to improve our production speed and quality there, we would also like to let you know about enhancements we have made to our customer service team. We have expanded and upgraded our customer service team by making investments in the form of additional staff, availability hours, and new training.
We started by reorganizing the responsibilities of our customer service team in California, giving them more specialized roles. Additional resources have also been added to the team, which includes the ability for East Coast customers to speak with a live team member starting at 8:30 am Monday – Friday. Maribel Escobar can get any order or shipment information you may need and is available to take calls and respond to emails Monday – Friday starting at 8:30am EST. She can be reached at 661-775-0686 ext. 151 or [email protected]. Additionally, we have been training and will continue to train our customer service team on technical service matters. Our hope is that the customer service team can be your one-stop-shop for anything dealing with an order, including basic technical questions. For anything more complex or service related we still recommend speaking with technical support.
Also, don’t forget we have a library of user-friendly installation, instructional and informational videos available on our website here.
We firmly believe that between the additional investments and new hires made in our Georgia facility, along with these changes to our customer service team you will now be receiving the best customer service experience we have offered in our 41 year history.
As a family owned and operated business we remain committed to providing excellence in our products and service, treating you like one of the family.