How to De-stress Your Renovation

It’s renovation season and while this time of year usually ends beautifully, the journey to get to the end can, often times, be extremely stressful. This is where we at Hydro are stepping in. After speaking to experts, our customers, and comparing horror stories of our own, we have put together 7 effective ways to reduce your stress level while going through your own renovation expedition.

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Make a Plan

We know it seems obvious, but a well thought out plan is truly priceless when starting a renovation. We suggest planning your renovation one room at a time and be realistic about what you (and your schedule) can handle. Keep in mind things like: budget, permits, time constraints, and all of the pre-work involved. You would be surprised how a well thought out plan pre-renovation helps to minimize stress during the renovation. Don’t forget, life doesn’t stop because you are knocking down walls.

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Anticipate the Unexpected

When doing major renovations, you MUST add room in the budget and the timeframe for unexpected challenges. This is really helpful when renovating older homes. Homes built over two decades ago can have hidden issues that you won’t know about until the walls come tumbling down. It can be stressful enough to find out that there is a wiring issue in your home that you didn’t know about, but if you make room in the plan for unexpected complications beforehand,  it can help to save your sanity.

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Don’t be a Cheapskate

Listen, we get it. Renovations are expensive, and finding ways to save costs is paramount. However, if you buy cheap materials, you will get cheap results. What you will find is that those headaches you thought you avoided by going the cheap route will come back to haunt you – causing more stress and increased costs. If you find yourself questioning materials, do some research and seek out advice from a trusted professional.

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Stay true to your aesthetic

There is probably nothing more stress inducing than trying to be something you are not. The same goes for your home renovation. Don’t try to recreate something you think is trendy  at the cost of your own wants and needs. Renovations, after all, are about customizing your space to fit your needs. Never compromise this for what is popular. Find your style and stay true to it – after all, trends die.

a woman and man embracing as they look at the potential of a newly decorated living room

Slow and steady wins the race

Before you go knocking down every wall in your house and tearing up every floor, prioritize your renovations. Make sure that you can still maintain a level of living during your renovations, our suggestion is to take it one room at a time. This will help you stay closer to budget, stay on schedule, and reduce redundancies.

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Interview your contractor

The relationship between a homeowner and their contractor is a sacred thing. Your contractor should be someone you trust, someone you are comfortable having in your home, and someone you can easily communicate with. The internet is full of resources for checking references, comparing prices, and seeing past work. Schedule interviews and calls with potential contractors in order to gauge their responsiveness, their dependability, as well as their competency. Do not skimp on your research when it comes to your contractor. Far too many renovations have died mid-job in the hands of the wrong contractor.

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Find some “me/us” time

Yes, this time in your life will be chaotic, it will be expensive, and it will be (a little stressful), but neglecting yourself won’t help change any of this. In fact, it will only exacerbate it.  We suggest fitting a long hot bubble bath in your Hydro Systems bathtub into your schedule. Other ideas include family day trips that take you away from the worksite, visiting your local spa, or staying at a hotel for one weekend. Whatever your choice, make sure to work in some time to woo-saw.

We hope these simple steps help make your home renovation projects more bearable, and we hope you think of Hydro Systems products when you get to the bathroom! Happy Designing!

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