Small Baths, Big Wow: Clever Design Secrets That Maximize Space and Style

Feeling stifled by square footage? No need to despair; limited space doesn’t have to limit your design vision. Many designers are leaning into the size constraints of small bath spaces, using it as an opportunity to experiment with bold colors, eye-catching tiles, unique hardware or clever design tricks with the newest bath products . We’ve collected a few of their secrets for transforming a tiny oasis into a sanctuary that’s functional and fabulous.

Think Big in a Small Space

While it may sound counter-intuitive, going with a larger format for floor tiles and wall hangings can give the illusion of an expansive space. A substantial frameless mirror can achieve the same effect. Wallpaper or wall tile in an oversize pattern draws the eye and can make a space appear bigger. And of course, pure white paint never goes out of style, offering a clean canvas that maximizes the sense of openness.

While it might be tempting to forgo the tub for a space-saving shower, don’t sell yourself short. A tub is possible in a small space. Hydro Systems’ stylish Lacey or Granite drop-in tubs come in a range of sizes, making it ideal for use in an alcove. The diminutive Sapphire tub is rectangular with square-like cut and offers those with even a very small space an appealing alternative.

Speaking of selling yourself short, there’s a misconception that small spaces can’t accommodate the luxury soaking experience of freestanding tubs. Clever designers are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in this arena too. Hydro Systems helpsthem achieve their visions with several space-saving options for freestanding tubs. Take the artistic and sculptural Rodeo. With its high back and deep basin, it evokes classic slipper tubs of the past, while its inward-sloping design minimizes its visual footprint – ideal for smaller spaces. Combining ingenuity with sleek aesthetics, the compact Daniela is a favorite for its tall, asymmetrical shape, which provides a gentle backrest slop and deep interior for soaking, without taking up a lot of space. With its asymmetrical shape, Soho tapers at the bottom leaving more floor space open.

Of course, if you go the shower route, you can get creative with sizing and shapes with the help of a shower pan for square, corner, rectangular, or even custom positions. Adding or sliding door can contribute to the sense of expansiveness in a bath.

Free Up the Floor

The key to creating a sense of luxury in a small bathroom lies in maximizing space at every turn. Opt for a wall-mounted or pedestal vanity that leaves the floor space free, expanding the visual footprint of the bath. For basins, consider petite and elegant options like semi-recessed or vessel styles. These can sit atop your vanity or be partially integrated, leaving valuable storage space beneath for essentials like hand towels and toiletries beneath. Corner basins are another space-saving feat, cleverly utilizing often-underused nooks. Finally, complete the streamlined look with a wall-mounted faucet, particularly a single-hole design, for a touch of minimalist luxury. This approach keeps your countertop clutter-free and emphasizes the clean lines that define a sophisticated space.

Versatile Vanity Solutions by Hastings Bath Collection

Storage Smarts

Built-in shelving—including corner shelves—goes a long way toward an airy feel in the bath. Vanity storage helps keep clutter out of sight. Serving double-duty, a mirrored medicine cabinet—especially a wall-mounted, recessed one—serves the same purpose. With a small space, any untidiness can make the space feel even smaller, so focusing on minimalizing the number of visible items in the space is worth the effort.

Hastings Bath Collection

Mini But Mighty

A touch of creativity, paired with one of these design tricks, can transform a small bath into a spa-like haven that’s stylish and still feels spacious. A small bathroom can be the perfect canvas for bringing a unique design vision to life.