Timeless style and deep bathing puts the Lacey in a class of its own. Our most versatile tub – available in 15 size options – the Lacey affords clean lines and elegance in almost any design category. Enjoy the Lacey for all its fundamental beauty, or as a starting point to configure and customize to your own vision of perfection.

Bath Sizes

Size Capacity Backrest Slope Material Spec Sheet Additional Files
60 x 30 x 1745 Gallons28°AcrylicVIEW
60 x 30 x 2060 Gallons28°AcrylicVIEW
60 x 32 x 1750 Gallons28°AcrylicVIEW
60 x 32 x 2062 Gallons28°AcrylicVIEW
60 x 36 x 2065 Gallons28°AcrylicVIEW
60 x 42 x 2065 Gallons28°AcrylicVIEW
63 x 28 x 2065 Gallons28°AcrylicVIEW
66 x 30 x 2068 Gallons28°AcrylicVIEW
66 x 32 x 1760 Gallons28°AcrylicVIEW
66 x 32 x 2070 Gallons28°AcrylicVIEW
66 x 36 x 2075 Gallons28°AcrylicVIEW
72 x 32 x 2085 Gallons28°AcrylicVIEW
72 x 36 x 2090 Gallons28°AcrylicVIEW
72 x 40 x 2095 Gallons28°AcrylicVIEW
72 x 54 x 15-CD75 Gallons25°AcrylicVIEW


Product Type
Drop In Bath Tub
Standard Colors
Biscuit, Bone, White
Premium Colors
Black, Sterling Silver
2.25 h.p. pump standard
99/9 Warranty
Included Features

Cable waste and overflow
Full Freight Allowed
99/9 Warranty on Tub
1 Year Warranty on Drain
Made in the U.S.A

Optional Features

Available as Tub only, Thermal Air, Whirlpool or Combo
Extra High Density Fiberglass
Custom jet and pump location
Additional directional Jets
Swirling, Rotating, or Jumbo Jets
Micro Therapy Jet
Round or Linear Integral Waste & Overflow
Electronic low water protection
In-line Heater
Chromatherapy-LED Lighting System
Grab Bars
Back Masseuse
Neck Masseuse Pillow
Hydro Blanket
Hydro Fusion
Hydro Coat
Hydro Express quick ship
Hydro Indulge
Lumbar Support
Micro Mount
Molded Armrests
Remote Control
Tile Flanges


Acrylic models finished in 1/8” thick layer of deep lustrous acrylic.
Extra thick reinforced fiberglass.
Pre-wired pump on pump platform (standard pump location only)
Integral E-Z Level platform facilitates installation.
Non-skid bottom.

Standard Colors

Standard Features

Premium Colors

Premium Features