Hydro Systems Bathtubs Win Five 2020 Platinum ADEX Awards

We take great pride in announcing that five of our newest bathtubs have been honored with the 2020 Platinum ADEX Award. The Alamo, Citrine, Marquis, Millennium, and Mizu were all awarded with this prestigious honor.

The Alamo is one of our top selling freestanding bathtubs. This award justifies the popularity that consumers are seeing in its design. Its elegant curves give it a classic styling with a modern ergonomical sensibility. Free of any hard edges, the contoured body mimics fluid curves. Constructed of Hydoluxe SS our proprietary solid surface blend this tub is available as a soaker or with thermal air. You can even get this tub in any color you choose such as the classic blue which was the 2020 Color of the Year as decided by Pantone. We encourage you to see one of these beautiful tubs in person on display in showrooms nationwide.








The Citrine is a solid surface alcove tub associated with warmth and comfort. Natural citrine channels self-healing at its most elemental level, repelling any negative energy and transforming problematic thoughts and feelings into positive ones. Complete with the integral seamless skirt and three-sided tile flange for easy install, the namesake benefits of this tub shine through in all it offers to the bather, as its grounding presence promotes self-healing on both a physical and spiritual level. Just like the yellow quartz citrine, this bathtub has an inviting design along with distinct, durable edges that exemplify the stone’s strength and support.


Hydro Systems was moved by the all-important vision of The National Center for Civil and Human Rights and its visual expression of harmony. Incorporating the graceful form of the architecture which inspired it, the Marquis bathtub mirrors the artful curves of the building in the refined simplicity of its sloped shape. The Marquis balances exquisite symmetry with the unexpected, as the ever-so-slight lilt to its rim adds interest and draws the eye. Shaped to resemble cupped hands that cradle you as you relax and reflect, the Marquis defines design excellence.


Designed by Jason Lai and Stephanie Leese of Los Angeles-based firm L2 Interiors, the Millennium is a bathtub that will have all your guests talking. Lai and Leese (who have been featured on HGTV) took a cue from the audacious form of the Crain Communications Building, and added asymmetrical embellishments which make the Millennium a striking and singular creation. Its name is a nod to Chicago’s Millennium Park, and a fitting salute when considering its next-generation design and cutting-edge approach to customization. Freestanding on its own or seamlessly integrating with built-in finishes – from classic marble and travertine to of-the-moment trends like subway tile – the design flexibility of the Millennium allows you to be the architect of your own ‘wow’ moment.

East meets west at the best of both worlds with the Mizu, an evolution of the traditional Japanese soaking tub known as an ofuro. Taking its upright design cues from the Peace Pagoda, the added option of our Thermal Air System brings the time-honored bathing ritual into the 21st century with technological sophistication. Thousands of tiny heated bubbles provide a full sensory experience and unparalleled therapeutic effects to wash away stress and fatigue. The Mizu’s steep-sided form has the added benefit of fitting beautifully into small or irregularly shaped places while providing a deep soak for seated bathing. The Mizu is a space for restoration, meditation and finding your inner zen.



ADEX stands for Awards for Design Excellence and is the largest and most prestigious awards program for product & project design in the A&D industry. The Platinum award is the highest level award achievable. The ADEX Awards is the largest and most prestigious awards program in the design industry.

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