Hydro Systems featured in Robb Report

We’re thrilled to have our innovative Cold Plunge feature receive a spotlight in Robb Report’s recent feature.  

As we enter 2023, Cold Plunging has made its way to the forefront of health and wellness trends, gaining massive popularity across a wide audience. Recognizing cold water therapy, or cold hydrotherapy, as more than a passing fad, wellness gurus, elite athletes and physical therapists realize the benefits of this practice and how it aligns with reputable medical science and sports rehabilitation research. Hydro Systems, recognized as the leading innovators of hydrotherapy baths and jetted systems has introduced a solution for taking the home spa bathroom to new tranquil heights.  

Cold Plunge, is a new cold hydrotherapy system that is available on almost any of our bathtubs.  An installation of a Hydro System bath can include one of our signature jetted therapeutic systems and chromatherapy, so adding Cold Plunge to the same tub provides the bather with several immersive options.  For the private home spa environment, it provides a convenient and efficient use of the space, because the same bathing vessel can be a soaking tub, a hydrotherapy tub, or a cold plunge tub.

For the spa or gym environment, it provides a convenient and efficient use of the space.  Some wellness treatment centers may add Hydro Systems Cold Plunge baths to create the ultimate contrast therapy program (allowing a user to alternate between hot and cold therapy treatments). 

Learn more about our revolutionary Cold Plunge system here.