A Close Look at Addison Schierbeek Architects’ Captivating Bath Creations

Weaving Tranquility and Innovation – A Close Look at Addison Schierbeek Architects’ Captivating Bath Creations

In the world of design, crafting spaces that reflect the sensibilities of its inhabitants and the pulse of the surroundings requires a touch of artistry and innovation. The luminary minds at Addison Schierbeek Architects have embraced this philosophy wholeheartedly. The team at Addison Schierbeek Architects shared, “our designs embrace the essence of our clients’ lives and the environment, resulting in sustainable projects that deliver the unexpected.”

Their recent residential project is a harmonious symphony of sustainability and creativity and offers a glimpse into the future of design. Collaborating with Hydro Systems, they have woven captivating primary bath and secondary bath spaces that seamlessly interlace aesthetics, functionality, and eco-consciousness.


Situated in the westside of Los Angeles, this project scope included a second-story addition and remodel. The result of years spent honing the art of designing on small lots, the architecture revolves around an ingenious central core that optimizes daylight and circulation. “The second story design is organized around a central core that functions as both horizontal and vertical connection between public and private spaces. Our goal was to ensure every room, passage, niche, and vestibule provided a specific purpose and sense of joy, whether passing through or settling in. For us, that meant having fun with bold color and unexpected forms,” said Addison Schierbeek partner, Susan Addison. This well-designed innovation intricately presents the dwelling with an aura of interconnectedness.

Capturing Vision: Crafting Oasis of Calm

At the heart of this project lies the bath space, an oasis of tranquility and energy. Earthy tones embrace audacious bursts of color, a dance that epitomizes balance and elegance. The seamless transition from the Primary Bedroom encapsulates a sanctuary that promises both repose and rejuvenation. A narrative of warmth and luxury unfolds within these walls. “We aimed for an intimate, inviting bath space that seamlessly extends from the adjoining bedroom,” Addison said.

Hydro Systems’ Slate bathtub with Thermal Air system and the Block 25 sink was selected in the primary bathroom

The tub area, cocooned in natural light, marries intimacy with luminosity. It stands as a testament to the designers’ prowess in merging design and functionality seamlessly. The vanity, nestled in the spacious core, unveils a captivating narrative of spatial mastery, a marriage of comfort and grace.  In their quest for excellence, Addison Schierbeek Architects turned to Hydro Systems for the tub and sink. “We chose Hydro Systems because their clean geometric design aligns with our sustainable ethos,” said Addison. For the Primary Bathroom, the Slate bathtub with Thermal Air system and the Block 25 sink was handpicked. This choice marries utility and aesthetics; a compact yet luxurious design furnished with Stone composite quality, promising comfort as indulgence.

Hydro Systems’ Coal drop in bathtub used in the secondary bathroom

The secondary bath space hosts a shared bath space for two bedroom suites. Addison Schierbeek selected Hydro Systems’ Coal drop in bathtub, as its depth presents a pleasant bathing experience and keep it simple and clean without visually overtaking the limited area available.

In a world where choices reverberate beyond aesthetics, this primary bath blends form and ethics into an elegant tapestry. A testament to the power of shared vision among architects, clients, and manufacturers, this project transcends innovation and elegance, reminding us that design can be a symphony of function and beauty.

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