Kickstart Your Wellness Journey for 2024

Kickstart Your Wellness Journey for 2024: Invest in At-Home Wellness Innovations

January is the month of resets and new beginnings. It’s the perfect moment to embrace a fresh start and start a new wellness journey so you can look, feel and be the best version of yourself. As the saying goes, “New Year, New You.”

Starting Your Wellness Journey

First, what’s a wellness journey? Think of it as a personal and transformative lifestyle change encompassing exercise, nutrition and mental health.

Prior to embarking on your wellness journey, you’ll want to identify the areas you aim to enhance, so you can make sure that the changes are relevant and meaningful to you. You might ask yourself questions like, “What is no longer adding value to my life?” or “What could I let go of?” More importantly, what changes do you want to see in your life? How will these changes make you feel better?

Cultivating Your Wellness Vision

It’s important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to do wellness. Your idea of a more fulfilling and rewarding life might look different than the next person’s. A wellness journey that’s tailored to your personal needs and goals is going to lead to the most positive outcomes, whether it’s feeling better physically, boosting your productivity and focus, lessening your stress, promoting healthy weight loss, alleviating feelings of depression or anxiety, improving your sleep, strengthening your connections to others, or cultivating a deeper sense of self-love. In practice, creating your own version of wellness might mean eating less carbs, spending more time in nature, taking more bubble baths, or even taking care of your personal environment – your home – so it is more in line with your personal wellness intentions.

Once you decide on the outcomes you want to achieve on your wellness journey, you can create a wellness vision for yourself. Make a collage or a vision board with pictures and motivational words. Write it down on a sticky note and placing it on your bathroom mirror to remind you everyday. Or maybe simply state your vision out loud to a friend or family member.

Bringing it Home

Whatever wellness journey you’re on, your home should be a well-balanced sanctuary that provides you peace and comfort. Since the bath is the home’s most personal and intimate of spaces, it has become a point of focus for the wellness industry. It’s one of the reasons why spa-inspired bathrooms are one of the biggest trends in home design today as more Americans prioritize their health and wellness. (In one 2020 survey, 80% of American adults said they intended to be more mindful about incorporating and regularly practicing health rituals post-pandemic.).

An indoor/outdoor home spa featuring a Hydro Systems Versailles soaking tub

Wellness Your Way

Just like there is no right or wrong way to do a wellness journey, there is no one-size-fits-all vision for at-home wellness. Personalization is key. From custom colors to new technologies and hydrotherapies, your spa bath should be tailored to your unique wellness journey. Here are a few ways you can turn your bath into a personal sanctuary for well-being this year:


Cold Plunge for Stress Management and More

Cold plunging is the latest wellness craze, and some studies have shown that it can bring numerous physical and mental benefits to your daily routine. Consistent exposure to cold water helps the mind adapt to a state of discomfort, increasing a person’s ability to cope with stress. In addition to a big rush of endorphins, a dip in icy water is also thought to have other benefits, like improving sleep, reducing inflammation, boosting your immune system, regulating hormones, and more. Just ask the followers of the Wim Hof Method!

Hydro Systems’ Cold Plunge option can be added to practically any of their bathtubs. Incorporating a Cold Plunge into your daily routine allows you to reduce water temperature down to 37°F and rejuvenate in less than five minutes a day.

Hydro Systems’ Cold Plunge option can be added to practically any of their bathtubs

Hydro Indulge for Skin Restoration, Mood and Sleep

Hydro Systems’ Indulge is a highly innovative bathing therapy that infuses your bathwater with a concentrated dose of oxygen. Millions of micro-sized, oxygen-rich molecules work overtime to cleanse, heal, and restore your skin. Using your Indulge system 20 minutes a day helps to stimulate the production of collagen. Other benefits include increased serotonin levels and relaxation, setting the foundation for a deeper night’s sleep.


Whirlpool Jets for Soothing Body Aches and Pains

For most of us, it’s not possible to have a deep tissue massage everyday. That’s where the Whirlpool jet system from Hydro Systems comes in. Providing powerful massaging jets to target and alleviate sore, aching muscles, these high-performance jets are directed at specific body areas to promote increased blood flow, resulting in where-you-want-it pain relief, improved flexibility, and for some, the reduced appearance of cellulite. Whirlpool therapy can greatly benefit those with chronic pain or specific injuries, such as backaches, neck pain, sprains or other ailments.


Hydro Fusion for Self-Care Days and Long Soaks

A long soak in hot water after a stressful day can be the ultimate form of self-care as it recalibrates the mind, body and senses. Hydro Systems’ Hydro Fusion is a pump and heating system all in one, which allows you to soak for as long as you want and maintain the bathwater at your preferred temperature.

You might want to explore additional at-home wellness innovations like chromatherapy, enhanced jets, or a masseuse system. When it comes to a curated wellness experience at home, Hydro Systems will dream right along with you.

Wellness Starts at Home

As you embark on your wellness journey for 2024, remember that the path to well-being often starts at home. By transforming your bath space into a haven for new wellness routines, you may find that the physical, mental, and emotional benefits ultimately lead you to the healthy, happier and more fulfilling life that you have envisioned for yourself.

Here’s to a new year of self-care, personal growth, and a well-balanced life, right from the comfort of your home!


The Hydro Systems Guarantee 

We are so confident in the excellence of our tubs that we offer a best-in-class warranty. This includes the Hydro Systems 99/9 warranty, which covers the tub and shell for 99 years, with all major components covered by a 9-year limited warranty.  Hydro Systems is available through authorized showrooms.