Why Choose a Solid Surface Shower Pan?

Solid Surface Shower Pans are a Smart Investment

The shower pan is a bit of an unsung hero in the bathroom. It’s not part of the floor, but positioned over it, directing water from the shower into the drain and preventing flooding and leaks. A shower pan is an ideal alternative to a tiled shower floor with high-maintenance grout lines. But not all shower pans are created equal. When considering a shower remodel, choosing the right shower pan from the start can save prevent a lot of maintenance problems in the future.

Materials Matter

While a fiberglass shower pan can be used in a remodel, homeowners find that, in time, it starts to stain and “bounce,” resulting in an unstable experience in the shower. The pan can be stabilized with additional support from a mortar base or ribbing place below it. But this process requires significant extra work and leaves the pan vulnerable to leaks and cracks.


Hydro Systems Solid Surface Shower Pans are Durable

With a Hydro Systems solid surface shower pan, bounce is eliminated, and no supports are needed. Hydro Systems’ shower pans are dense and durable because they’re made from HydroLuxe SS™, a made-in-the-USA proprietary blend of ground natural minerals and the highest quality resins available. The mix of natural stone and epoxy that goes into this solid surface material ensures that it’s tough, stable, and stain-resistant. This enduring material remains steady and easy to clean throughout time.


Built-in Waterproofing Means Easy Installation

Hydro Systems’ shower solid surface pans are easy to install. There is no need to hot mop or start with waterproof liners: the shower pan is the waterproof barrier. This built-in waterproofing prevents time-consuming and expensive repairs and maintenance is easy. The solid nature of Hydro Systems’ shower pans makes for a seamless transition from bathroom floor to waterproof shower.

Custom Shapes, Sizes, and Colors

Hydro Systems’ waterproof shower pans don’t sacrifice aesthetics to provide a high degree of strength and resilience. Their clean, minimalist design is versatile enough for any bathroom vision. Imagining a seamless transition from bathroom floor to waterproof shower? That’s exactly what Hydro Systems’ shower pans achieve. They can be made to order based on project specifications.  Customization options include dimensions of any size or shape—from square to corner, rectangular, or universal—as well as drains of any size and position. In addition to Hydro Systems’ 15 premium colors, shower pans can be made to match any Hydro Systems HydroLuxe SS™ tub or Universal Shower Base, as well as custom colors and RAL and Pantone shades.

All of these aesthetic qualities don’t mean much if they’re not combined with outstanding engineering. Hydro Systems waterproof shower pans are designed for perfect drainage, eliminating another concern that remodelers often encounter.

While the shower pan may feel like a last-minute detail in an overall remodel or in new construction, choosing the right one up front can ensure that peace of mind in the long run and keep a dream bathroom looking as fresh as it was on day one.





The Hydro Systems Guarantee 

We are so confident in the excellence of our tubs that we offer a best-in-class warranty. This includes the Hydro Systems 99/9 warranty, which covers the tub and shell for 99 years, with all major components covered by a 9-year limited warranty.  Hydro Systems is available through authorized showrooms.