Fein Zalkin Interiors Brings Minimalist Style to New Build and Remodel Bath Projects

Miami-based design firm Fein Zalkin Interiors, helmed by Josh Fein and Jenny Zalkin, specializes in both residential and commercial interiors for clients both in their local area and around the world. Working on new builds or remodels, they’re known for their work in the luxury market. In these two projects, their expertise is applied to two very different spaces, each featuring a Hydro Systems freestanding bathtub. The contrast between these two projects demonstrates how versatile a sculptural tub can be in a design.

A ceiling-mounted tub filler kept lines smooth and provided a dramatic element to the design. Photo: Kris Tamburello

The Wow Factor

Surrounded by natural stone, the outdoor shower eliminates barriers between the indoor space and nature. Photo: Kris Tamburello

Taking on a large-scale, ground-up project in the Southwest Ranches area of Miami, the firm settled on what they describe as “contemporary noir” style. For a ground-floor, new-buildconstruction bath, lack of space was not a challenge. Instead, there was a need to use the ample space to make sure all the components worked well together. With an outdoor shower incorporated into the floor plan, they came up with a design that eliminates barriers between the interior and the outdoors. Floor-to-ceiling windows and shower doors allow soft light to filter in and contrast with the shower floor and textured, monochromatic natural stone walls that create a continuous flow between outside and in. Natural stone was used the large-format floor tiles, floating shower shelf and room waist-high room divider, which provides privacy without blocking light.

For the freestanding bathtub, the firm chose Hydro Systems’ Picasso, with subtle curves and a sculptural quality. In a stand-out design choice, the tub filler is located on the ceiling.

“The client wanted a WOW factor, and we thought why not have the filler come from above!” says Zalkin. The result is certainly “wow.” The minimalist aesthetic contributes to the impression of a calming retreat space with a contemporary style.


A Smooth Translation

A challenging bath renovation required a different approach. A dated bathroom needed a refresh to bring in the light and create a more unified and harmonious design. Zalkin envisioned the space with saw-cut travertine. “I love the linear movement and the calmness of the tones. I feel as though it was a timeless choice for materials,” she says. The saw cut of the travertine comes with a porous texture. Instead of purchasing a pre-filled finish, she chose a custom, light color and had an installer fill it in. This smooth look didn’t come without challenges, though. It required digging into the foundation of the house. In the end, the outcome was “amazing” Zalkin says. She paired the travertine floor and shower with oak tone wood in the vanity and gold tone accents. For the freestanding tub, she chose Hydro Systems’ Alamo. Its fluid silhouette is an ideal element for this Zen-like design. The result is clean and contemporary, but timeless.

The saw-cut travertine floor unites the warm wood tones of the vanity and the metallic accents and warm neutrals. Photo: Nick Johnson

The sculptural silhouette of the Alamo freestanding tub anchors the design, adding to the sense of calm in the space. Photo: Nick Johnson

The outdated space required a complete redesign; right: Accommodating the saw-cut travertine floor required digging into the foundation of the house.


Versatile enough for a range of aesthetics, Hydro Systems bathtubs give designers both the functionality and beauty they need to make their design visions a reality.