Thinking Outside the Box in La Jolla by A Designed Space

The Birdrock area of La Jolla, California is known for its beauty and harmony with nature. It’s sought-after for surfers and anyone looking for the quality of life La Jolla offers. A townhome within walking distance to both the beach and downtown was the perfect location for her clients, says Marea Riedler of A Designed Space. But to accommodate their growing family, they would need to add an extra bedroom, primary bath, and office. They turned to A Designed Space for the project because of their reputation for design that centers nature and elegance.

Approaching the bath project, Riedler took cues from both the area’s surrounding environment and the client’s desire for a soothing retreat that makes the most of it. Using a coastal, California Casual style as a starting point, the designer envisioned a luxurious “spa-like” wet room that didn’t sacrifice function for aesthetics. While the family would need well considered storage space to manage their needs“display” vs. “day-to-day” and “visible/ focal” vs. “hidden”it was a just as important to preserve a calm aesthetic. Taking advantage soft, indirect light of the space, Riedler chose soothing taupe white for the walls and a warm, textured slate floor.

The floor-to-ceiling window was central to the design. To make the most of this feature, it was clear that a built-in tub wouldn’t be the best choice – a freestanding tub was a must. The client chose the Alamo from Hydro Systems’ Metro collection for its clean, sculptural lines, both inviting and elegant. “The soaking tub was going to be a focal point of the space, as it is visible from the entry and has a gorgeous and simplistic design,” said Riedler.

Positioned directly in front of the window, the tub allows the clients to be bathed in light both from the window and from the skylight above as they soak. With the window, open, the sounds of nature outside filter into. The fusion of natural elements and thoughtful design creates a sublime experience in the bath.

We love how this project turned out,” says Riedler. With an artful soaking tub as an anchoring element, there’s an elegance that visually resonates and deepens the sense of calm and restoration that defines this space.

Photography Credit
Shawn Kallio