INSPIRATION | Pablo Ruiz Picasso was a painter, draftsman, sculptor, and one of the most recognized figures in 20th century art. Picasso’s periods of dynamic change are embodied in his work as was his admiration of prior master artists.

Gentle, sloping curves add charm and subtlety to the tub by the same name. Like the artist’s Blue Period, the Picasso tub is clean and sparse, yet warm.

Bath Sizes

Size Capacity Backrest Slope Material Spec Sheet Additional Files
60 x 36 x 2165 Gallons23°AcrylicVIEW
66 x 36 x 2785 Gallons36°AcrylicVIEW
72 x 40 x 27125 Gallons40°AcrylicVIEW


Product Type
Freestanding Bath Tub
Standard Colors
Biscuit, Bone, White
Premium Colors
Black, Ice Grey, Sand Bar
Faux Metallic: Galvanized, Faux Metallic: Weathered Nickel, Matte Finish, Metallic: Polished Nickel
99/9 Warranty
Included Features

Round Integral Waste and Overflow
Foam Fill Sound Insulator
Full Freight Allowed
99/9 Warranty
Made in the U.S.A

Optional Features

Available as Tub only or Thermal Air
Extra High Density Fiberglass
Linear Integral Waste & Overflow
Chromatherapy-LED Lighting System
Grab Bars
Hydro Blanket
Hydro Coat
Hydro Express quick ship
Remote Control


66 x 36 x 27 85 Gallons Acrylic 24° Download CAD Drawings Download

Standard Colors

Standard Features

Premium Colors

Premium Features