Lido Tub Makes a Splash, Wins Architizer A+Product Award

Everything comes full circle…or shall we say full oval?

Hydro Systems’ Lido bathtub has took the grand prize in the “Best in Bath” category in the 2024 Architizer A+Product Awards. The 200+ member Architizer A+Product Awards jury, comprised of industry leaders representing today’s top design-savvy professionals, recognized the Lido tub for its excellence in three categories: aesthetics, performance and impact. The award places Hydro Systems among the leaders in bath design.

“It’s a testament to Hydro Systems’ ingenuity and innovation, from our designers and engineers all the way to the craftsman and artisans who hand-finish our bath creations,” said Ken Steinhardt, marketing director of Hydro Systems.

Modern Twist on a Classic Shape

Revered for its modern take on the iconic oval silhouette, the Lido features an expanded 1.5-inch wide deck that gently dips downward on the interior. This design element not only allows for easy entry and exit but also creates a visually striking, sculptural form.

Drawing Inspiration from a Mid-Century Icon

The Lido takes design cues from the iconic Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, imagined by Morris Lapidus in 1954. Lapidus’s pioneering use of curves and light inspired Lido’s unique high-low oval shape, paying homage to Miami’s golden era of glamour and luxury.

Bringing Wellness Elements into the Lido

The sculptural beauty of the Lido can further be elevated with three of Hydro Systems’ most innovative hydro therapies: Cold Plunge, Hydro Fusion and Hydro Indulge. Hydro Systems is the only manufacturer to add hydrotherapies to freestanding bathtubs. The groundbreaking Cold Plunge system – a top-seller for Hydro Systems – reduces the water temperature to 37°F. Cold water therapy for less than five minutes a day has been known to improve sleep, reduce inflammation, boost immunity and regulate hormones. Hydro Fusion enables longer, more comfortable soaks by keeping water heated at a constant temperature. And Hydro Indulge infuses the bathwater with millions of “micro bubbles” (oxygen-rich air molecules) that more deeply penetrate pores, helping to exfoliate, cleanse, heal and restore skin.


Adding any of these hydrotherapy options into the Lido tub instantly transforms it from a statement piece into a healing work of art – the element that truly sets a Hydro Systems tub apart from all the rest.

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