Hydro Systems Brings Personalized Hydrotherapy to the Bath

As more people prioritize self-care and wellness, spaces within the home are repurposed or redesigned using intentional color palettes and outfitted with products needed to enact lifestyle changes. With this has also come the need for customized products that can be tailored for the user. Hydro Systems offers the most opportunity for customization and personalization in the bath category. Where other manufacturers offer bundled add-ons, Hydro Systems offers individual therapeutic system options, so buyers can purchase only what they intend to use. Moreover, most of the systems are available on virtually any Hydro Systems tub, giving users a truly curated wellness experience.


Here are some of the most unique and popular Hydro Systems customization options: 

Custom Color Matching: The evolution of Solid Surface bathtubs is HydroLuxe SS™. Made from a blend of natural minerals and the best man-made composites. HydroLuxe SS™ can be made in any color in the RAL system and beyond; even specify a Pantone hue for extra precision. In addition, polished and matte metallic finishes are available.  


Enhanced Jets: Hydro Systems offers eight different types of jets, which can be mixed and matched to meet the needs of each body part. All jets have adjustable pressure but vary in size, direction, movement, and function. Configurations available on drop-in bathtubs.  

HydroIndulge (oxygen hydrotherapy): Indulge is a highly innovative bathing therapy that infuses bathwater with millions of oxygen-rich bubbles that are ¼ the size of human pores. Without any additives, the Indulge system exfoliates and heals dry skin and improves skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.  

Hydro Fusion (always-warm thermal technology): One of the most practical of Hydro Systems’ options, Hydro Fusion maintains the temperature of bathwater so users can focus on the restorative experience of bathing. A sensor and circulation heater work to keep water temperatures stable with virtually no perceptible water movement.  

Chromatherapy: Many standalone wellness rituals use light and color to alter mood or energy level; Hydro Systems Chromatherapy brings this to the bath experience, with LED lights built into the bath tub. This digitally controlled, multi-colored lighting feature puts the full sensory experience in the user’s hands. 

Cold Plunge: Hydro Systems is the only luxury bath manufacturer with an integrated cold hydrotherapy option, which chills bath water to a chosen temperature of 59 degrees or less. Users can transcend traditional bathing and transform the bathroom space into a spa-grade therapeutic wellness experience. The benefits of cold hydrotherapy are known to include reduced pain and inflammation, faster post-workout muscle and joint recovery, strengthening of the immune system, increased metabolism, and cardiovascular benefits.