Four Color Palette Ideas for the Bath

With an increased emphasis on creating personalized spaces within the home, it is only natural to first look at the bath. Previously seen as only a utilitarian space, the bath is now considered one of comfort and respite. In the quest to create personalization in the bath, one of the first elements homeowners and designers consider is the color palette for the space.

Color evokes emotion, creates mood, and sets the tone for the bath experience. It’s typically one of the first things you notice when you walk into a room. Whether you are looking for color to create an atmosphere of sophistication or help you recharge, we’ve identified four on-trend color palettes for the bath that also establishes the environment of the bath experience.

Warm Spice Shades
A color palette seen repeatedly this year at the leading international trade show Salone de Mobile from brands like Pianca Design and Gallotti & Radice were earthy terra cotta oranges, dusty pinks and taupey browns. This is a grounding arrangement that provides an intimate and cozy ambiance.

HydroLuxe SS™ Premium Colors: Top row: Red Orange, Orange Brown, Bottom row: Terra Brown


Tranquil Greens, Grays, and Neutrals
Tranquil greens, grays, and neutrals can produce a soothing bath experience. Serene colors like sage green and green lily–reminiscent of being in nature—paired with versatile greys and neutrals like beige or off-white that offer the perfect complementary backdrop to earthy green tones.

HydroLuxe SS™ Premium Colors: Tarpaulin Grey


70s Inspired Hues
These throwback shades are making a re-emergence in the bath – think bubble gum pink, avocado green, and lavender. This 70s vintage and bold color palette stimulates while delivering nostalgia to the user.

HydroLuxe SS™ Premium Colors: Top row: Signal Orange, Pastel Violet, Bottom row: Moss Green

Moody Blues
Deep blues like navy and cobalt add richness and refinement if you’re looking to produce a sophisticated bath experience. To take the charm of a moody blue further, pair it with a glossy or lacquer finish to a tub or vanity.

HydroLuxe SS™ Premium Colors: Top row: Sapphire Blue, Bottom row: Distant Blue


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