Hydro Fusion Soak Therapy

There’s nothing like a soothing bath to relieve stress and promote well-being. Warm water helps to relax sore muscles, improves circulation, rejuvenates skin, and can offer pain relief. But traditionally, the longer you enjoy the bath, the fewer your benefits you’ll experience. As the water cools, it becomes less comfortable. The healing properties of the warmth begin to diminish. The bath is no longer a place you want to linger.

Hydro Systems has revolutionized bath technology with Hydro Fusion, a system that combines heating and pumping in one, allowing you to control the temperature of the water throughout your time in the tub. This ground-breaking technology can be installed in any tub, including Hydro Systems’ freestanding models.

Here’s how it works.

With just one touch of a sensor, you can program your preferred water temperature for your bath. When you fill the tub, Hydro Fusion’s innovative sensors automatically detect the presence of water in the tub, activating a standby mode. With this setting engaged, the water temperature is maintained while the tub is full. Using a low-voltage heater, water is circulated silently with virtually no movement. You can linger as long as you want without adjusting the water temperature manually.

Hydro Fusion is just one of the many custom options that can be added to any Hydro Systems soaking or thermal air tub. It can be combined with a number of other personalization features such as chromotherapy—the use of light to enhance physical and mental well-being—as well as features such as whirlpool jets, which can be installed with custom placement.

A long, rejuvenating soak is an ideal way to introduce hydrotherapy into your at-home wellness routine.

It can improve your mental and emotional outlook as you start your morning or help you wind down from a stressful day or a demanding physical workout. Hydro Fusion can enhance your quality of life by encouraging you to experience the healing power of a soak for as long as you want in perfect comfort. This custom feature is just one of the many ways Hydro Systems is bringing innovative technology to the bath, ensuring that the age-old ritual of soaking in the tub offers optimum benefits for at-home wellness and relaxation.